Moss Landing State Beach

Moss Landing State Beach marks the border between the Pacific Ocean and Elkhorn Slough. This unusual ecosystem of brackish water (where fresh water meets the sea) is home to countless birds, seals, sea lions, and of course the sea otters, especially during the migration seasons. Many of these photos are from within the slough itself, and many are from the beach.

link: Moss Landing State Beach Official Site

  • E, Moss Landing is one of my very favorite places to play with my family and take photos. Thanks for sharing these! Even though i have taken hundreds at different times over the past year, I have never gotten shots as close and clear as these pelican shots. Great job and thanks for sharing with all of us!


  • Tracey:

    Thanks for sharing your great photos. I have been enjoying the closing parks myself. I noticed you haven’t been to Limekiln and it is closing as early as October. Good luck on your adventures.

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