California State Mining and Mineral Museum

The charming California State Mining and Mineral Museum has a beautiful collection of gems and minerals, several replicas and miniatures of mining towns and equipment, and a walk-through mine.

link: California State Mining and Mineral Museum Official Site

  • Hi Eliya

    This is great! Thanks for the link! I’ve glanced at a couple of the parks – and yes – it IS fun seeing photos of places I’ve been through someone elses eyes. I hope to look at them all when life calms down a bit.

    I have actually visited 64 parks now but have only blogged about 47. I plan on seeing the last 6 – all in the Santa Rosa/Marin area – by middle of next week. It’s been a quest and even a little life altering. I’m addicted to hiking now!

    Hope you make it to all 70. Curious if you’ll make it to Picacho near Yuma AZ. That is the only park I fudged on. The road is dirt washboard road 40 miles round trip. After 5 miles I just couldn’t put my old car through that and I took pictures of what was there and came back.

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