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Welcome to Closing California Parks.

This coming September, 2011, the government is threatening to shut down 70 state parks in California due to the budget crisis.

I’m not interested in the politics, not really. I’ve never tried to solve a statewide budget crisis, and I don’t envy those whose job it is to do so.

We are on the brink of losing something truly beautiful. The state parks in California aren’t just nice spots for a hike or a picnic. They represent some of the most beautiful, diverse and sometimes rare ecosystems in the country. As a photographer, I am drawn to these places because they always have something new to show me.

When I heard about the threatened closures, it seemed like a perfect excuse to see as many of these places as I can before they are lost. It also seemed like a perfect summer blogging project.

I am doing this in my spare time, on my own dime, and with my own equipment. I encourage all visitors to take a day to go to one of these places, and just see for yourself what we may lose.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

If you are interested in donating to the California State Parks Foundation, you can do so here:

California State Park Foundation Donations

Also, please note, all images on this site are copyright Eliya Selhub. If you would like to use one of my images, please contact me at please contact me at eliya (at) eliya (dot) net.

Eliya Selhub

Update: The closure date for most parks has been pushed back to July 2012. Some parks, including Henry Coe, Tomales Bay, Samuel Taylor, and Del Norte Redwoods have managed to find a bit of reprieve, and may be safe for at least the next few years

  • Hi Eliya,
    These photos are beautiful. We are a proud partner of California State Parks, and your effort and talent is greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images.
    Holly Kulak
    Weekend Sherpa

  • Excellent site Eliya! Totally agree with Holly. We’ll try to bring some people to your blog and spread the word. Keep up the great work.

    Best–Jerry Emory
    Director of Communications
    California State Parks Foundation

  • Francisca:

    Thank you so much for these beautiful pictures!! Know that many people support your endeavor and encourage you onward!!!

  • Jaye F:

    Thanks for sharing your photos. We brought our children up camping in some of these beautiful parks and this summer, we’re camping in some of our favorites just in case they do close forever…

  • Wonderful captures, thank you for telling this story.

  • Linda:

    Saw your beautiful segment @ Olompali on TV. I am wondering if someone like Bill Gates would step up with his Foundation to help keep the California parks open. Maybe a “matching donation” type of fundraiser?
    Just a thought…..

    • Julie:

      I agree with Linda. There are plenty of millionairs/billionairs out there that could provide the Parks with a selfless act of donations to help save them.

  • Elizabeth R. Lunde:

    Thanks soo much for doing thid great work. The public should be forced to view these pictures of what their children and grandchildren will be missing! Some of these parks are vital to California’s 4th graders who study the history of this great state! Seeing pictures is not the same as being there, trying to visualize the history, people and events, that happened there!!

  • Susan McNeall:

    This is a great site and a great tribute to some beautiful places.

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